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Currently this offer is not only stopped, sorry, it is cancelled forever.

Why ?

Currently we did stop the idea to convert MAX 4000 from T1 to E1

In our team we have several old electronic engeneers, who read a mainboard like a book. So we theoretically know, how to convert the MAX 4000 from T1 to E1, what the T1/E1 specs are and where to make modifications.

In any case, the current config is lost and a new MAX 4000 E1 image must be loaded. It will be an newer one of your choice or it will be 7.0.xx, which did run for years in our MAXen.

The way :

All four MAX 4000 WAN channels have to be tested with two extra HDLC cards and the upper multi voltage power supply will be checked for burned components. We will take out the modem cards except 2 pieces (if there are more than 2) and ship the others separately in the box. We know, that more than 2 modem cards will overheat the power supply. So take care to run the MAX4000 in a slightly cool environment.

We are looking for an affordable MAX 6000 T1, to check the possibility to convert it to E1. If we get one and we successfully finish it, we will report it here.

Because we did buy a bulk of nearly 60 MAX 4000 E1 in Dec 2002, we can make serious offers for one unit or quantities.


Dont hesitate to contact us, we will answer as soon as possible.

Please allways fill the subject line of your e-amail, otherwise our spam - filter will kill the incomming e-mail without notice.

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