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Here we write something "out of the field" regarding books, parts, modules and spares.

Any electronic product

is built from many single components ( i.e. IC´s, transistors, resistors, coils, capacitors, connectors and others ), some units have thousands of components.


The worldwide manufacturers garantie an average of " 5 years componet life time " for a single component.


This means, that statistically after 5 years of life the first single component "may" fail. So it is really impossible to give a warranty with more than a "not dead on arrival" on any used unit.


To know this is extremely important - you need to accept it "as it is" !!!!!!!!

We get realistic requests for spares and we get dreaming e-mails. Because Lucent does almost no more support for the old Ascend line, be realistic and dont ask for brand new spares.

Firstly they are really expensive and

secondly they are not (no more) available.

Available spares in our European (German) warehouse :

Look on the subpages.

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