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Some new informations about our services and testequipment

Here we have some pictures from our new electronic load unit ELA 500 from Zentro Elektrik in Germany. This unit is able to simulate a static load or a dynamic laod with 100 Hz or 1000 Hz. Its range is from 0 to 100 Ampere and from 0 to 100 Volts, but limited to 500 Watts. Thats a lot for most applications and the unit originally was not cheap.


On the first picture on the very right side, you see the huge round adjustable isolating transformer with the control on top from 0 to 250 Volts AC with isolated windings for safty purpose. There will be connected all MAXen during testing. Next to left is the electronic load. Next ist our own developement of a brand new DLT Motor Test unit for DLT drives. In front you see the MAX 6000 chassis with no board, but the power supply, two little fans and a yellow digital voltmeter on the right side.


Ok, back to the electronic load:

We got this unit as written in the news from Aug 2005. To check the usability of the ELA 500, we did connect a broken MAX6000 powersupply with a very special fault. This power unit runs fine with a pure simple 5 Volt /40 Watts lamp, but not with its mainbaord. With the mainboard the voltage raises up from 5.1 to 7.5 Volts and then it switches off and did restart again and again. We did think about the switched load of the board. These days we did load it with this ELA 500 for hours, supplying almost 200 Watt on the 5 Volts line. We did use 2 external fans, to avoid overheating problems.


As you see, the voltage at the board connectors was 5,1V, at the electronic load units connectors it was 4,9V. At the end it was sufficient and the check was successful. The board must be the problem.


We will exchange it later......

Nach oben

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