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Ascend™ / Lucent™ - Repair Service

You have problems with Ascend Routers ?


Products which are worth to repair :


  • Pipeline ??? we think no -
  • MAX 1800 +MAX 2000 so so and 3000 yes
  • MAX 4000 / MAX 6000 / MAX TNT- yes



What you will find in the repair section of RDE

  • 1. international tips, handling and shipping info
  • 2. questions about the unit
  • 3. pricing for our service and
  • 4. pricing for the MAX 4000 power is here
  • 5. our protected knowhow area is here -
  • About 99% of all faults of a MAX 4000 are pointing to faulty power supplies, that means a totally burned mechanical part.
  • About 80% of all remaining faults are pointing to a totaly misconfigured system. Have a look to "hints" and "questions".
  • In our lab, we have the test environment, to check two E1 G.703/G.704 and T1 (PRI) nailed lines simultaniously between two MAX´s or between a MAX and a CISCO with E1 (G.703 or X.21) . That means, we can handle a 4 MBit/s leased Line instead of two separate E1 ones.
  • We have most of the working Software (Firmware) on our servers, to solve all needs for almost any possible configuration.
  • We own separate MAX 4000 HDLC Processors, to check the remaining two E1 ports of the MAX 4000 and we own some MAX 1800 and MAX 2000 and MAX 6000 (E1 and T1) for tests with corresponding ones. Then we own an Newbridge 360 Bandwidth Manager to simulate havy load under operators control and expert management.
  • If you need to connect MAX´s E1 and CISCO´s E1 , we can help or we can do it.
  • You need 34MBit E3 or 155 Mbit ATM STM 1 Multimode support ? We can help too. We own several Kentrox HSSI to T3/E3 Converters and several Ciscos 7505 and 7204 with 155 and 622 MBit ATM Processors. And we own very large ATM switches from Bay Networks / Nortel, the Centillion 1600´s.
  • Look to and . Furthermore you may look at and

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