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If you have any questions about an Ascend product or you are looking for a service from RDE, please have a look to the following questions.


We cannot (again and again) answer the same questions all the time.


Too many generic e-mails are blocking our time. - So please (at least) read it.

  • Please, every mail strongly needs a topic / subject line !
  • Please complete your name and full companies address. We receive too many mails without this minimum of information.
  • Tell us the type/ model - this means: please turn the Max´s bottom (MAX 1800 to 6000) side upright to look under the case for the model and the serial # and the voltage, it is built for. This is mostly printed on a silver label. (On a TNT it is on top.)
  • If the (MAX) unit does boot, make a screen copy (screenshot = screen.gif)
     (this is for lost passwords and other problems)
  • For any help, not only for password recovery, we need the current operating revision (for MAXen its the TAOS).
(this is a sample from an Ascend MAX 4000)
  • and ! (for MAXen) the TAOS load-file (that is the current firmware).
(this is a sample from an Ascend MAX 4000)
  • # What kind of units is it ? (If it is a big MAX, may be you have modem cards in it ?)
  • # Does any lamp (LED) go on (blinking or not?) after power on ? Which one ?
  • # Do the fans make any noise, means they are running = power supply is working ?
  • # When did the unit stop working? How long was it running ?
  • # . Is there any part of the unit allready working ?
  • # . What else can you give us as a hint ? ( a broken case, some burned fields, smoke comming out, fluid comming out, you hear screws moving inside ? )

And now some infos about your know-how / skills :

  • Do you know to install Hyperterminal and connect a serial cable to COM1 or COM2:?
  • Did you load any software to a router or switch with Hyperterminal in the past ?
  • Do you know what a "TFTP" (trivial file transport protocol) server is (not FTP) and how to install it on any of your PC´s ?
  • Are you familiar with the danger of opening a 110V or 230V unit and do you own the right tools.
  • Do you have a 3 digit Digital Multimeter for checking the power-supply DC voltages ?
  • If not - is anybody in your organisation to do these jobs ?

It is important for us, how we can instruct you and help you to repair hard- and/or software at your location.

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