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Feb. 2011 - all pages moved from to, the same for maxrepair.

Because loss of interest, we will free the domains and offer these for sale. There wil be a forwarding to our list a domains for sale shortly.

Jan. 2011 - Number of working MAXen reduced

The exciting products from 1994 to 2001 are almost outdated. Most of the working MAX TNTs are replaced. As you know, IPv6 will come within the next years and the MAXen will not be updatet.
Here in Germany ISDN is reduced for a very limited small number of applications, especially dial in and dial out within vpn environments. There were almost no more request for support and help during the last months so we close down our support to limited times.

April 2005 - News page is relocated.

We did rebuild both webs maxrouter and maxrepair. Now we are publishing out this content from a new TYPO3 Content Management System.


Using the new features, it was strongly recommended to concentrate on one location.

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