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You have (no) problems with this Ascend (Lucent) MAX 6000 Router ?

This is a MAX 6000. Its longer than a MAX 4000 and more heavy and more noisy.

The MAX 6000 has a much better box- design. The big single power supply from the MAX 6000 is a lot better than that one from a MAX 4000. There are at least two different versions of power suplies.


This power supply is cooled by two fans, one on each end. The architects did learn from the weakness of the MAX4000.


At the end, there are 8 fans for the airflow !!!!!

We did open the two chassis - one from each (T1 and E1) of the MAX 6000, to compare what the engeneers have done and what is possible. So it seems to be possible to convert a MAX6000 T1 to E1.

For your diagnostic information, a MAX 6000 without any extension board will consume about 70 Watts at 230 Volts. A MAX 6000 with 2 modem boards 16 x S56 will consume about 107 Watts at 230 Volts. One of the last versions of the MAX 6000 with two 60 port DSP modems cards is consuming 100 Watts only.

July 2003

We did buy a MAX 6000 with 4 units with 24 digital DSP modems. We will report soonly. Then we have seen a MAX 6000 with 2 units with 60 ports digital DSP modems.

Aug 2003 - Now we collect tips and tricks from all over the world,

whatever makes sense to be published. Mostly there are the names of the authors on each tip. You may talk to them first and give us a copy.

However, the postings in the newsgroups did tell us, that there have been problems with too many 16 port modem boards too. We will check that.

The MAX 6000 has a 50 MHz Intel I960 CPU, later models have a 66 MHz CPU.


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