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The MAX 4000

is the reliable workhorse for small and medium internet providers, growing from one E1 to up to 4 E1(T1) nailed lines and up to 90 dial-in channels (not 120 !!!). The MAX is extremely stable and reliable, and if you dont overstress the power supply and you keep it acceptable cool, it runs for years.

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You see the two open MAX4000 units, one with the two power supplies and one without. You can easyly see, its very tight together.

The kind of MAX 4000 box-desing is faulty from the beginning. Ascend should never use power supplies without active cooling inside a professional product .

Here you see, that the fan in the back blows beside the power supplies !!!

No air is pressed through the heated electronics.


Please notice, here you see an open case and the cage for the option- slots is removed. If the cage is mounted, there is less space for airflow than now.

And these digital modem boards make the problems. They consume too much power, esspecially the new 16 port digital V.90 modems. Each 16 port will take about 25 Watts of power. The 4000 chassis will take about 30 Watts at all.

The more you have, the faster the MAX 4000 will die -

and you may install up to 6 cards - but you should not do this.

Or you must take care about a very cool computer room.

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