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You have problems with this Ascend (Lucent) MAX 1800 Router ?

Normally a MAX 1800 (and the MAX 2000) are very reliable. The CPU ist not very hot, so it has a long life expectany. If the MAX 1800 motherboard is physically broken, dont fix it. If the mainboard is faulty, there is almost no chance, to get it fixed. But MAX 1800 mainboard faults are really rare. We heard about one but never got a broken one.


As we know, there are no more spareparts from Lucent or others. And if you need some informations about the MX18-BRI.... and the MBX18-BRI..... , look here :


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We found out, for some admins it is a problem to identify a MAX 1800 beside a MAX 2000.

  • The MAX 1800 has 8 ports on the back side, named WAN1 to WAN8.
  • The MAX 2000 has one WAN port only, a T1 or an E1 one.
  • From top both look almost the same.
This is the back side of a MAX 1800 !

If your fans make horrible noise, we can help, sometimes. The fans are rare and expensive. There is a set of 2 or 4 fans inside the most MAX 1800 and MAX 2000.


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