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The MAX TNT is a really big and heavy chassis with up to 672 (DS3) / 960 (E1) data modem sessions per chassis.


It can handle ATM, Voice Over IP and Frame Relay and more.

It seems that the fans will stop after a year or so or the fans make a dangerous noise. Exchanging these fans is really expensive, to be done from Lucent repair.



Currently we cannot check the high volume data rate capabilities with up to 750 ISDN lines or a channelized DS3 line. We can check the basic function of the configuration only. We did buy a Newbridge 3600 Bandwith Manager in 2002, its in our laboratory now.

Furthermore we did buy a bulk of Nortel Centillions with 622, 155 MBit ATM and E3 and a lot of T1 boards in 2002. With all these units we will be able to simulate high traffic in our laboratory. We will start late 2002.

If you like to have support for password recovery on a MAX TNT, we need to know the shelf controllers revision. Down there this is ours and it has the red twist dial and no jumper inside. Ours seem to be built in week 07 in 1999 and its revision is before 2.0 . Better you take a picture like us.

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