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Your own power supply for a MAX 4000

When you are under stress and you need a soultion, to fix the power, you can help yourself. We got this sample of a selfmade power supply after the crash.

Our protected knowhow area is here -

The owner did take out the original two units and replace them with a semi comercial PSU from an unknown PC based unit.


We did not check the delivered power at all voltages, but it seems to run. We had to flash the TAOS three times and then it did work.


The MAX runs with one 16 port S56 modem board and with this PSU design, it seem to have a lot of cooling air around the heatsinks

Here is a view from top, its not a prfessional solution but for some usage it works fine.


Even soldering the MAX 4000 cables to the new unit takes a lot of time.

You may not run this new combination in critical production evironment, but for testing and evaluation it is very good and cheep.

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