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What you need to know about electronic spareparts and warranty:

Any electronic product

is built from many single components ( i.e. IC´s, transistors, resistors, capacitors and others ), some units have thousands of components. The manufacturer garanties an average " 5 years componet life time " for a single components.

This means, that statistically after 5 years of live the first single component "may" fail. So it is really impossible to give a warranty with more than a "not dead on arrival" on any used unit.

This knowledge is extremely important to be accepted "as it is" !!!!!!!!

Available spares in our warehouse :

Here we show a list of modules for MAXen for replacement or upgrading existing MAXen. A detailed description will follow soonly.

selection board type
MAX 1800
MAX 2000
MAX 4000
not in MAX 6000
Ascend MX-SL-12MOD really old
Ascend MX-SL-32Eth really old
Ascend MX-SL-2PMHP
Ascend MX-SL-6PMHP
Ascend MX-SL-2CSU
MAX 1800
MAX 2000
MAX 3000
MAX 4000
MAX 6000
Ascend MX-SL-8.MOD (non S56) really old
Ascend MX-SL-12-MOD-S56
Ascend MX-SL-16-MOD-S56
Ascend MX-SL-24 and -30 and -60
MAX 2000
MAX 4000
Ascend MX-SL-8BRIN
MAX 4000 Ascend MX-SL-HDLC
MAX 3000
MAX 6000
not in MAX 4000
some new boards from the almost very last development are DSP cards for VOIPand we got one POTs card for testing
MAX 4000 power  
MAX 6000 power  

Some of these boards are really cheap / afforadable, some are very rarely sold and therefore really expensive. Please follow the links or e-mail a request.

Please notice, that these boards will be sold on a special basis to avoid a collision with the brand new (Jan 2002) German warranty law. More info about the sales and that law is here.

The listing above ist based on our current knowledge, not on a marketing paper. It may change with any e-mail, telling us about good experience with a certain working combination.

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